The Difference a Professional Makes with a Job Search

A professional resume writer helps job seekers improve their professional presence to meet the standards of today's job market in their respected field and find a higher-paying position quicker than their competition.  

Looking for Expertise
Recruiters scored professionally written resumes 57% higher than self-written resumes.*  Clients can be assured they are working with a knowledgeable and qualified career expert.

Struggling to Get Interviews
Clients have a greater chance to secure an interview and find a job sooner than their competition.*  Resume writers understand how resume screening key words, typos, work gaps, formatting, word choice, and other technical aspects that aren't related to a client's qualifications can lead to rejection.

The Great Resignation
68% of candidates with a professionally written resume landed a new position in less than 90 days.*  In today's post COVID-19 world, there is a record amount of job resignations in the United States, which means the competition for well-paid positions is greater than ever.  A professional increases your odds of landing that job.

Increasing Potential Earnings
42% of candidates with a professionally written resume earned a higher position with the same experience as their competition​.*  Candidates that present themselves well are offered more money.

Stuck in a Dead-End Job
Clients who invest in a professionally written resume have a greater chance to advance faster in their career.*  Sometimes all it takes to find a more satisfying and higher paying job is an optimized and well-written resume that properly showcases a candidate's value and translatable skill set.

Seeking a New Career Field
Professionally written resumes increased the chances of finding a new position by 32%.*  Creating a resume in hopes of changing career fields leaves many feeling unqualified for the transition.  But, many have translatable skills and achievements that, once tailored to the new field, proves they are a qualified candidate.