Today's Job Market and Culture

A career is defined as the total compilation of jobs, roles, and responsibilities played over the course of a lifetime.  In the 21st century, a career is often viewed as the means to self-fulfillment and success.  For better or worse,  careers are often directly linked to people's self-worth.  This mindset leads to people to fear rejection.  In doing so, applying for a job becomes a test of someone's self-worth, and a rejection e-mail often leads to a feeling of inadequacy, even though there are a variety of reasons why it may of happened.  To break this mindset, consider what is and isn't within a person's control during the hiring process.

Inside Control 

  • Resume,Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile

  • Online Presence

  • The Interview

  • Professionalism

  • Job Applying for

Outside Control 

  • Your Competition

  • Internal Hiring

  • Job's Qualifications

  • Company's Expectations

  • Organizational/Budget Issues

My services aim to improve what is inside a person's control. I improve my client's job searching and application skills, resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and overall professionalism.  By showcasing the value, experience, and results my clients achieved in the past, and how they will positively impact their future company, my clients transform to must-hires for any company.  I provide the competitive edge to anyone looking to change their career, get a promotion, or increase their earnings.   With layoffs and potential layoffs on the horizon, it is more important than ever to have a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and professional network that creates career opportunities.   

Working with me provides an advantage and measurable outcomes in the job market, and that starts with a client's resume.  My clients' resumes are the starting point for their future success and the tool that gets them access to their preferred company.  I use resume industry's leading writing standards and an automated resume screening program to create a product that guarantees an increase of interviews for my clients.

Hiring Managers

A recent study conducted by Ladders discovered that six seconds is the average time spent by a hiring manager looking at a resume.  When a hiring manager reads a application for the first time, they are looking for one thing: a reason to keep reading.  Six seconds is not enough time to read through an entire resume.  But, it is enough time to differentiate a motivated, professional, and qualified candidate from the rest of the competition.  And that is what I provide, an easy to read and navigate format with profound content.

Automated Resume Screening Programs

Automated Resume Screening Programs, also known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are everywhere!  Most people do not know what ATS are, nor do they realize how common they are in today's job market. 

Heat map of what hiring managers look at when reviewing a resume for the first time.  Study done by Ladders 

66% of large companies and 35% of small organizations rely on recruitment software for their employee search.  Unfortunately for any experienced and well-qualified candidates lacking resume know-how, if their resume is not compliant with ATS keywords or formatting, they will be a part of the 75% of resumes that ATS rejects.  That is why every resume I create is tested through specific ATS software to ensure that the resume is optimized to pass the ATS.


Focusing solely on passing the ATS system is not enough.  If that were the case, a resume consisting of ATS keywords would land countless interviews.  ATS keywords are an intricate part of the resume process, but they need to be combined with well-written content.  This combination creates a career narrative that makes the candidate a must-interview. 

ATS are complicated and intricate systems.  Below is additional information on ATS and their use:

  • ATS keywords are unique to the company and job description.  There are no two positions that have the same keywords.

  • Job postings receive hundreds of resumes. Because applying for a job online is so easy, companies had to find a way to narrow their applicant pool.  ATS was the solution.  Unfortunately, well-qualified candidates slip through the cracks.

  • If you’re applying through any online form, chances are you’re applying through an ATS.  Job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn even have their own ATS.

  • Formats matter!  ATS dissect the resume into a digital profile to make things uniform and searchable.  However, many ATS are unable to dissect resumes with certain formats causing the resume information to get distorted or lost.

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