A Resume is a Tool

Through technical writing and action-oriented language, I revamp resumes into a powerful tool that transforms my clients into must-hires for any company.  By optimizing and tailoring resumes to highlight quantifiable results and industry standards, I provide the competitive edge to anyone looking to change their career, get a promotion, or increase their earnings. 

I am an experienced career consultant, who understands the nuances of today's job market.  Throughout my career, I have provided career guidance, job application consultation, and interview preparedness to ensure my clients are ready to take the next step in their career.  I served as a senior-level designer, creating resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for well-versed clients.  I have helped clients who worked at top employers such as Temple University, RKG Fundraising Services, WindRiver Hotel & Casino, and Boeing Aerospace find their next job.  And I specialize in working with:

  • C-Level Executives

  • Mid-Level Employees

  • Educational Professionals

  • Non-Profit Professionals

  • Clients Transitioning Career Fields

My resumes provide a competitive edge to my clients for four reasons:

  1. My resumes are optimized and tailored to meet the needs of every client's industry.

  2. The technical writing style I use is action-oriented, showcasing the direct and quantifiable results my clients have          achieved and the value my clients will bring to the new role.

  3. Final products are delivered in 1 week of the order with a free round of revisions, so my clients aren't missing out on any job opportunities

  4. Resumes are focused on creating an objective, not subjective resume.  Utilizing quantifiable results creates a data-centered theme that proves the value my clients will bring to a position.