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The Master Resume: The One Resume to Rule Them All

Let's Circle Back Blog: A Master Resume Is A Secret Weapon, But You Should Never Apply For A Job With It -- A master resume is an on-going list of every job, skill, diploma, and certification you've ever had, and it's your secret weapon to tailoring your resume.

Let's circle back to the main takeaways:

  • Resumes should not be longer than a page unless absolutely necessary

  • Master resumes act as a guide for you to write a specific resume

  • You should never send out your master resume

  • You should update your master resume every year

Master Resume 101

Resume bullets secret formula

Let's be honest, the only time someone writes, edits, thinks, or even cares about their resume is when they finally find a job posting that speaks to them. Before that beautiful moment, everyone's resume is lost in their e-mail, or if they're lucky, their computer folder, biding its time.

That being said, after hearing that you should have a master resume that should be updated yearly, I doubt many will be eager to do so. Before I dive into why you should and how it will make your life so much easier, let's start with the basics. A master resume is a document that helps you write a resume that is tailored to your dream job that was just posted. It's a list that you can go to that has every skill you've acquired, every promotion you got, all of your certifications you've received, etc. in one place.

A master resume will make your life so much easier! Don't believe me, below are just a few reasons why you should have an up to date master resume.

  • It reduces the fatigue of resume writing and applying to jobs in different industries

  • It stores all of your experience in a document not in your mind

  • Creating resumes will never be quicker

  • It allows you to pick and choose relatable experiences and translatable skills

  • It shows you an overview of your career and allows to reflect on its direction

  • Remember when you managed your company's twitter 4 years ago and had a 200% increase in engagement? Me neither. But your master resume does.

At its best a master resume serves as an resource for when you're trying to remember and organize all you've accomplished. At its worst, it provides you the opportunity to reflect on how far you've come in your career and the ridiculous summer job you had to take after graduating college.

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