• Kyle Lutteroty

Resume Readiness Quiz

Let's Circle Back Blog: Before putting your resume to the ATS' and hiring manager's test, answer these five questions -- It's nice to have a little confidence when you're sending your resume to an employer. Take the quiz below or follow this link to see how ready your resume is to send out!

Let's circle back to the main takeaways:

  • Resumes need to be updated every year

  • Resumes need to be tested for the job posting's specific ATS keywords

  • Resumes need to be properly formatted with good flow to be ATS friendly

  • Resumes need to highlight a candidates value through quantifiable results

  • Resumes should follow The Philly Resume Writer's Secret Formula: Bullets = (Action verb + ATS keyword or phrase + quantifiable result)

Put Your Resume to the Test!

Looking for expertise? The Philly Resume Writer (TPRW) is happy to help you with the process! TPRW provides every client with a unique resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that are created to pass ATS and capture the attention of a hiring manager. Our creations use the resume industry's writing and formatting standards that are ATS friendly and draws attention to value and results. Our motto is simple, yet profound.

More information can be found at www.thephillyresumewriter.com or e-mail us at thephillyresumewriter@gmail.com

Comment below with any thoughts, questions, or connections!

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