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Learning What You Can Control in COVID-19 Job Market

Let's Circle Back Blog: Today's job market is more volatile and unpredictable than ever, and the competition for open positions is high. But that doesn't mean you should lose all hope --

There are things you can do that are inside your control to put your best foot forward and find your next role.

Let's circle back to the main takeaways:

  • The Corona Virus brought instability to the job market, economy, and world

  • Competition for jobs is at an all time high

  • There are ways to cope with the instability of the job market

  • More than ever, it is important to put your best foot forward when applying for a job

In These Uncertain Times...

Resume bullets secret formula

In the 21st century, a career is the means to self-fulfillment, and is directly linked to a lot of people's self-worth.  This theme leads to fear and intimidation of the hiring process.  Applying for a job becomes a test of someone's self-worth, and a rejection e-mail often leads to a feeling of worthlessness, even though there are a variety of reasons why it may of happened.  Some reasons are inside a person's control and others are outside their control. 

Inside Your Control:

  • Having a strong resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

  • Ensuring your online presence is professional

  • Preparing for and crushing the interview

  • Personable and professionalism

  • Applying to jobs that you are qualified for

  • Networking

Outside Your Control:

  • A global pandemic

  • Your competition being more experienced or qualified than you

  • The company hiring from the inside (Companies are legally required to post open positions, even if they know they're hiring from within)

  • The qualifications and expectations a company is seeking

  • The company's overall health and financials

My services aim to improve what is inside a person's control. I improve my client's job searching and application skills, resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and overall professionalism.  By showcasing the value, experience, and results my clients achieved in the past, and how they will positively impact their future company, my clients transform to must-hires for any company.  I provide the competitive edge to anyone looking to change their career, get a promotion, or increase their earnings.   With layoffs and potential layoffs on the horizon, it is more important than ever that resumes are updated, polished, and optimized for today's job market.   

Looking for expertise? The Philly Resume Writer (TPRW) is happy to help you with the process! TPRW provides every client with a unique resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that are created to pass ATS and capture the attention of a hiring manager. Our creations use the resume industry's writing and formatting standards that are ATS friendly and draws attention to value and results. Our motto is simple, yet profound.

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