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Hiring Managers And A Typical Resume

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Let's Circle Back Blog: Hiring Managers and Their Relationships with Resumes -- When a hiring manager reads a application for the first time, they are looking for one thing: a reason to keep reading!

Impressing the Hiring Manager

Congratulations! After reading through out last blog post about ATS and resumes, you made your resume ATS friendly and it's time to focus our attention on the hiring manager. Now, it's all about flow, quantifiable results, and formatting. Unfortunately, we aren't out of the woods yet. We are about to run into the next hurdle. The hiring manger's attention span. Ladders, a job searching company, conducted a study that concluded six seconds is the average time spent by a hiring manager looking at a resume. Six Seconds. The image next to this is a heat-map of where hiring manager's attention fell when reviewing a resume. As I'm sure you're aware, there's not a lot of time or concentration spent during their first glance. Six seconds, isn't enough time to read a list of achievements.  It's not enough time to read through all the responsibilities that came with a summer internship.  But, it is enough time to differentiate a motivated, professional, and qualified candidate from the rest of the competition.

Remove the Stress.

If this all seems like it's confusing and intricate and frustrating, that's because it is. Employers want motivated employees. Perfecting a resume that is aesthetically and contextually appealing for a hiring manager and a software program is just plain cruel, but it's the way of the world. It's stressful enough finding a job that fits all of your needs. Tack on the hours it takes tailoring your cover letter and updating your LinkedIn, and your current, comfortable, soul-crushing job starts to seem a little more doable. But you can't let them win! Follow our tips and tricks and remove the stress out of finding a new job. A resume that flows nicely, has proper formatting, utilizes white space, and uses strong wording leaves a lasting impression. You can do this!

Below are tips to create a good first impression:

  • Make as many statements quantifiable as possible, which means use a lot of $s, %s, and numbers!

  • Use statements, not sentences

  • Start each statement with a powerful verb

  • When using color, bold, italics, be subtle. You want to catch their eyes, not hurt them

  • Utilize white or blank spaces accordingly

  • Keep your resume to one page, unless you absolutely can't.

  • Do not send out your master resume!

  • Do not copy and past your job responsibilities

  • Do not use one resume to apply for 50 different jobs

Looking for expertise? The Philly Resume Writer (TPRW) is happy to help you with the process! TPRW provides every client with a unique resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that are created to capture the attention of a hiring manager and are written using the resume industry's standards. Our creations are action-oriented, showcasing the direct and quantifiable results a client has achieved. They're not just a regurgitation of previous job responsibilities found on an old job description or a boiler plate cover letter found online. Our motto is simple, yet profound.

More information can be found at www.thephillyresumewriter.com or e-mail us at thephillyresumewriter@gmail.com

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