LinkedIn is a Hub of Online Master Resumes

A well thought out and executed LinkedIn profile is the last piece of the job application puzzle.  LinkedIn profiles are a candidate's online master resume, providing the candidate with another chance to impress hiring mangers and solidify themselves as a leading candidate.  It is just as important to put in as much time and effort into a Linkedin profile as it is the resume and cover letter when applying for a job.  If that isn't enough to motivate, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the online hub of job recruiters. 

Below are a few tips to remember when creating a LinkedIn profile:

  • Complete the profile by filling in every section

  • Get a custom URL

  • Chose a great and professional photo

  • Write a powerful headline and summary space

  • Highlight past results

  • Be courteous and welcoming to viewers

  • Avoid cliches

  • Use first person

  • Show personality and achievements

  • Expand your network

Kyle Lutteroty, The Philly Resume Writer, LinkedIn Profile, Resume Writer Near Me

LinkedIn is a great tool to demonstrate marketability, skills, and expertise that differentiates strong candidates versus weaker ones.  It's estimated that one out of every three professionals has a LinkedIn account, which means the audience reach and access to recruiters are unmatched compared to any other platform.  With that kind of power, it's important to have an online professional presence that showcases your achievements and potential.  The Philly Resume Writer is the leading resume service that harnesses that power and tailors LinkedIn profiles that showcases a client's achievements, potential, and aspirations to recruiters.