Cover Letters Are Not Optional

Cover letters are a necessity in today's hiring process.  Not only do they act as a barrier to unmotivated applicants for hiring managers, they provide the hiring manager an opportunity to gain more insight into a candidate's experience while assessing their writing.  Cover letters are not over-complicated, however, it is imperative to get them right.

Below are a few tips to remember when writing a cover letter:

  • Always write a custom, targeted cover letter.  Do not use a template cover letter.

  • Focus on highlighting the skills and experiences possessed

  • Explain how you are a great fit for the job

  • Format properly

  • Try to find the name of the hiring manger

  • Share what is exciting or impressive about the position and company and why

  • Don't be afraid to show personality

  • Avoid cliches

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Cover letters are an extension of resumes.  They provide the opportunity to further elaborate the impact a candidate has had and the results they aim to achieve at the company.  A strong cover letter is a strong indicator of success, and it is important to spend time perfecting it before submitting.  The cover letters I write expand on the resume's compelling narrative, provides powerful details on the candidate's desire to work with the specific company, and cements the candidate as well-versed and well-written.